My name is Kristen Perry and I am a concept artist and character modeler who enjoys a variety of projects and responsibilities. From designing the art direction for an entire new race for the MMO genre to creating a fashionable outfit for the holidays to designing minipets for a night out on the town, I like tackling just about everything. Though I am a stickler for details, my favorite goals include designing in big-picture groups, as that allows a grand organization of all the moving parts. After years of creating anatomy and visual culture, solving art problems from sketch to ship, I’ve garnered a deep knowledge — and healthy appreciation — for implementing efficient production pipelines.

I have been a graphic designer and illustrator in my pre-gaming industry life and created everything from packaging design, web design and trade show booth design to the glamour of fertilizer, kitty litter, security glass film and even wound closure glue. When advising the gaming industry student what to study, among the list will always be marketing and advertising theory… because if you can make ear wax removal exciting, you can sell anything. ;}

My AAA gaming industry experience includes 10 years at ArenaNet: (GW: Factions, GW: Nightfall, GW: Eye of the North, and most currently Guild Wars 2), and nearly 4 years at VALVe (Half-Life 2, Team Fortress 2, Counter-Strike: Source, Day of Defeat: Source, Half-Life: Source, Counterstrike: Condition Zero, Counterstrike: XBox, other unnamed projects and illustrations for DoD:S and C:S posters and packaging). I have textured maps, built bosses and weapons, creatures, monsters, outfits and characters, designed lines of clothing, NPC cultures and even designed a robust dye system. I’ve published comic books and have been printed in art magazines, tutorial books and art collections.

Currently I am freelancing and consulting on projects ranging from production pipelines to art direction, concept and modeling. Please feel free to contact me for any inquiries, freelance or otherwise. I am always happy to hear about new opportunities to tackle art challenges.