These are various images over the years of paintings and advertisement illustrations. All are digital, though some may have started life as a pencil illustration first.


Guild Wars 2, Arenanet.

Sylvari Race | The Sylvari race is one of the five player races of Guild Wars 2. The requirements of the race were that they were beautiful, noble and plant people. Creating a race that both embodies creature/nature and beauty for a humanoid race had little guidance. Most reference I found were either painted humans with plant accessories or outright monstrous, come-to-life trees of Ent and Treant lore.  There seemed to be little meshing of the two worlds. So to create a more true hybrid, I studied how nature would grow and mimic the human shape and then did my best to incorporate this into an aesthetic anatomy that would still be attractive as a species.


Kristen Perry on Designing and Redesigning the Sylvari

<— ArenaNet original blog post. (1.75MB file)

FAQ: The design is independently developed from scratch using an anatomy philosophy to answer the question: How would a plant grow to look human?


Holiday | Listed are designs for Halloween and Wintersday in Guild Wars 2.


NPC designs and models | These are the cultural NPC designs for the races and some of the main groups of GW2. Designing in large chunks is probably my favorite method. Rather than working on one concept in isolation, approaching the entire race’s culture as a whole allows not only more cohesion for direction, but flexibility in silhouette and form. This allows a more successful mix-and-match result in that though the pieces may have a function in their native set, mixing with other pieces coordinates well and helps fill out the race as a whole.

Norn race

Charr race

Human race


Asuran race


Guild Wars | This includes Factions, Nightfall, Eye of the North and what little would have been Utopia had that not been cancelled due to Guild Wars 2’s development. I also helped design and create a lot of the costumes and holiday hats released in GW1 while working on GW2. To tell you the truth, even though the schedule wasn’t always relaxing, the modeling was a bit of a breath of fresh air. No normal maps! Low poly! Just model and paint and BAM! It’s shipped. ;} Ahhhh… back in the day…